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Smeed CPA - Financial Services

Most business owners have a clear picture of what they want to accomplish, but can find themselves lacking the information to know how they are doing. Likewise, many individuals have a vision of their desired financial future, but don’t have an accurate understanding of how they are progressing on their journey or don’t know the steps to take to accomplish their vision.

Smeed CPA offers full financial service toolkits that helps our business and individual clients in the East Costa Contra area establish a sound financial backbone and actionable plans for accomplishing their goals.

Financial Services for Businesses

Bookkeeping. Smeed CPA helps our clients gather and organize the data that will become the information they need to make better decisions.

• We help our clients capture the data that tells the story of what our their businesses have accomplished. No more waiting until the end of the month (or quarter or year) to make a record of what has been billed to customers and
charged by suppliers, or what has been received from customers or paid to suppliers and employees.

• Our clients often find QuickBooks an indispensable tool in bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll activities. As trained QuickBooks advisors, we help our clients customize the tool to work the way they want to monitor spending, create
invoices, and to manage inventory, customers, vendors and employees.

Accounting and Consulting. Smeed CPA helps our clients turn their data into actionable information. We work with our clients to analyze and interpret the drivers, performance, and financial condition of their business so they can make data­driven decisions that support their goals.

Tax Return Preparation and Planning. There are many moving parts in any business and almost any major decision has a tax implication. Our business tax return specialists have the training and experience to prepare tax returns that accurately capture those decisions, optimize elections and deductions, and legally minimize business tax liabilities. We also help our client’s develop and implement tax strategies to achieve their business goals with the minimal tax impact.

Financial Services for Individuals

Tax Return Preparation and Planning. We are often able to make valuable tax savings suggestions that an off­-the-­shelf software program can't anticipate. The value of that advice alone can easily offset the cost of our services, especially after considering the monetary value of an individual’s time. We also help individuals evaluate their options for minimizing the tax impact of infrequent transactions such as buying or selling real estate, exercising stock options, retirement planning, or gift and estate planning.

Personal Financial Planning. Increased life expectancy and rising healthcare costs have raised the stakes for retirement planning. We start by understanding our client’s personal situations and their long­term financial vision and help establish specific financial targets.

From there we can review income and spending patterns, evaluate risks, and monitor portfolio performance to help clients measure their progress towards their goals and take corrective action if necessary.

Estate Planning. Any estate plan, whether formal or informal, will involve input from legal advisors, insurance providers, and financial advisors. We are suited to provide a comprehensive picture and to prepare a documented plan of how all the components­­wills, trusts, insurance, investments, etc.­­fit together. Because of our ongoing relationships, our clients find that we can seamlessly participate in estate planning and administration.

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